K Cups Coffee Brands That are Most Popular Now

With the huge market that the world has, it is necessary to find out k cup coffee brands that are most popular now because they are trusted. If you are one of the owners of the Keurig coffee-maker, you can start your search about the kind of K-Cup coffee that you will get. Since most brands of Keurig K cups-coffee are tasty, they are still created unequally. Certainly, there are some brands, which have gained the respect to be the best among the others. So, if you want to know more about the brands of K cup coffee, here are the following samples:

  • Timothy’s World Coffee – it has a different collection of coffee roasts as well as flavors and most of the consumers prefer such. It has excellent blends that conceal the extent from light to dark, and have various unique flavors that a consumer will want to have more.
  • Green Mountain Coffee- Green Mountain has the wide assortment of various flavors and roasts of the Keurig K Cups. You can actually choose from the lots of options that it has. Apart from those, you can get more from the different blends that are tied up with the charitable efforts. If you also want the classic flavors and roast, you can get it with the Green Mountain Coffee.
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffee- it could be the best product that you can choose from, most especially if you are looking for excellent flavors. They are also proud to represent the brand of Keurig K Cups associated with tea. You can even choose from the great tea flavors that obtain the maximum rating from the other Keurig coffee maker that are available.
  • Newman’s Own- unlike with the first two kinds of Keurig K Cups, the Newman’s Own is only fixed with two kinds. They have the special blend and the decaffeinated version that are both excellent for the consumers.
  • Diedrich Coffee Roasters- this manufacturer concentrates on the varieties that they could offer for their consumers instead of the quantity that they produce. They actually created a variety of blends as well as the roasts that cover up the scale of the coffee lovers.

You could certainly find lots of k cup coffee brands into the marketplace. Those bands being mentioned above are the most excellent K cups coffee makers that are available today. So, simply get the flavors as well as the styles that suit best your preference.

The World Of Coffee Brewing

Where to Buy Cheap K Cups Coffee

Are you looking out for purchasing K Cups to experience your k cups coffee brewer, however, you don’t know where to buy cheap k cups. Well, comparing the products that you can find at the traditional stores into your place with the ones that are online, you will certainly know the big difference when it comes to price. So, if you decided to purchase K Cups online, how can you find the excellent one? Here are some suggestions:


1. 5% off Coupon Code: CFLESS, you can find many flavors there.

2. You get coffee people k cups, pack of 50,  only $27.75, with 800+ review, you can’t be wrong.

3. You can find some good blend flavor there with pretty cheap price,  $12.99 for pack of 24.

Well, here are some tips that could assist you in saving down your money while getting the cups that you need:

Online Coupons– you might notice that there are lots of stores and other business that offers discount coupons. This actually goes the same thing if you will purchase a certain product online. Therefore, if you would like to purchase the K Cups online, there is a possibility that you could get it cheaper than with the traditional stores. Simply browse the net, as there are lots of online coupons out in the online market. There are actually lots of websites that provides discount coupons about any product, so you can simply get one for your K Cups. MY K Cup– if you want to make yourself clear and be more specific in choosing the right K Cup for you, or clipping or just printing out the coupons, purchasing the MY K Cup  is the one that you can turn on. It is actually a re-usable cup, so there is no need for you to worry about disposing them. Keep in mind that disposable ones could not actually help you out in saving money. So, choosing My K Cup is the one that is perfect for your budget. Apart from those, it has the excellent quality and has the ease-to-use.

There are actually lots of things that you can do on how to get K Cups in the most affordable price. There are several methods that you can implement in searching for the best price of K Cups for both online and on the local stores near you. You don’t have to go to far and there is no need for you to purchase expensive ones as you could have the excellent cups that will work for you within a long period of time. Most importantly, you can taste the aromatic and roasted coffee each and every morning you wake up.

The World Of Coffee Brewing

K Cup Coffee Flavor Review Part 1

Let’s begin with Timothy’s k cups

Breakfast blend is the first one I tried, pretty smooth, but not highly suggest, try some other breakfast blend, seem better than this on.

Caramel Vanilla Nut is the worst coffee I have ever tried, you cannot expect to differentiate caramel flavor as well as vanilla flavor. Don’t buy it.

Columbia De-caf is a blend i want to drink sometimes, its tasting is pretty pleasant.

There are other 2 Colombian coffee I have tried, but they tasted completely different. One is Colombia La Vereda, I like this one very much, and have listed into my favorite list which is the media roast, tasted very smooth. The other one is Colombian Dorado FT, it’s a disaster, you can’t even identify the flavor. Poor Colombia coffee beans.

Emeril’s Big is also on my favorite list. Some people say it smells like burning rubber, I think the problem is on roasting, however, i just love it, the coffee is decent.

Emeril’s French Quarter Roast – pretty good although not as good as other french roast, on my occasionally ordering list.

French Roast – never forget to add cream when you drink it, the slight sweet and smooth flavor is really attracting. I like it.

Kona Blend – pretty nice choice if you are tired of your current morning blend.

Italian Blend – not special at all to me, i don’t like it, I do like Italian coffee, but not this blend.

Midnight Magic Extra Bold – you can find this on my favorite list. Not bitter at all and very rich. You will love it.

Morning Blend – although it is too light for my tasting, it is still good, you may give it a try, but not in morning.

Nicaraguan FTO EB – This coffee is medium roast. I love the sweetness left in my mouth, very slight though.

Parisian Nights Extra Bold – If smokey coffee is what you like, this bland will be your favorite. To be honest, this blend is really dark and smokey.

Private Blend – This coffee is medium roast, its fruity flavor is a surprise for me, I love it so much. Only thing i don’t like is the acidity which comes out only when i finished my drinking coffee.

Rainforest Expresso EB – disappoint me, not as good as advertised in their site, won’t buy it again. Another one i don’t want to buy again is the San Lorenzo Dark blend, bunch of better blends out there.

Spanish Sol – not a daily coffee flavor, spicy, maybe want to give it a try other day.

Sugar Bush Maple – when you brew it, the smell cannot be better, very nice. However when you drink it, you will find that the flavor some kind of being masked by the cream which is not good. You may also want to taste it when the it cools down since the thick sweetness left in your mouth is wonderful.

Sumatran Gold – I don’t suggest this one, I hate the woody taste, even the cream can’t help improving the taste.

Second one is Caribou

Caribou Blend – This is good for breakfast, you will find a litter bitterness left in your mouth when you finish drinking.

Mahogany – on my favorite list, this is a very outstanding cup of coffee. i like the chocolate and sweetness of this blend, it tasted really rich as well as smooth.

The third one is Coffee People

The best blend I love from coffee people is the Tree Hugger FTO which is perfect medium roast and not bitter at all, it is very balanced and smooth. Cream is a must for this blending as it brings the sweetness in my mouth after drinking. You will also find some chocolate note.

The worst one which i don’t suggest at all from coffee people is Jet Fuel, choose other dark roast but not this one. Third blend i tried is Organic, pretty nice and smooth, although not for daily drink, it is still a good blend.

Diedrich is not the one I usually buy, but got a sample from a friend.

Paradiso House – If you want to fully enjoy this blend, cream is suggested. Besides, i don’t like the unpleasant bite after drinking.

Gloria Jeans – only tried 2 blends, here they are.

Black Gold – do not expect cream to change the flavor, it is a very intense cup. All in all, still good coffee. Another one is Hazelnut, toooo weak, not get my notice at all.


Espresso K Cups I Collected for all Your Coffee Lovers

As a coffee lover, i know that espresso is what we are looking for, yep I know there are many people like cappuccino, sorry for you guys, i only collected espresso k cups.

1.  Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso

This blend is strong, thick and sweet, no bitter flavor at all, it sells $16.49 per 24 count at their own site As always, you can buy it cheaper at, it sells $29.95 for 2 pack.

It is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified.

If you need a cup of nice wake-up coffee, this is what you need. It provide decaf and extra bold versions as well.

2. Green Mountain Dark Magic® Extra Bold

This is a very popular blend, it offers you the rich aromatics and flavor qualities of espresso,   tasted excellent as a drip coffee too. If you add milk and cream, it will give you a surprise. If you like “bold” coffee, this is for you.

You can find several pack choices at like 2 pack, 3 pack or 6 pack, decaf version is available too. Just search “Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic” at,  you can find what you need.