The K Cup Coffee Brewer

Most people love drinking hot, aromatic coffee. However, they still don’t want to deal with brewing. By using a K Cup coffee brewer, the user can have a cup of coffee with almost no effort. K Cups are plastic containers with airtight seals that are packed with ground coffee beans. The K Cup is simply slotted into the coffee maker. The machine then perforates the K cup, hot water passes through the ground coffee and the coffee is extracted and collected in the waiting coffee mug. The K Cup is a disposable container, so you can throw it straight in the bin without worrying about cleaning.

The owner of K Cup technology is the company Keurig. Keurig authorizes various coffee makers to use K Cups with their products. Commercial coffee makers use a large amount of K Cup capsules and dispose of them automatically. However, for the household brewers, the K Cup is taken away manually. So, would you like to have the K Cup coffee brewer that is best suited to your preference? Well, there are lots of K Cup Coffee Brewers that you can choose from, with different features and styles. Here is one of the most popular K Cup coffee makers that we recommend.

  • The B30 Mini. If you are looking for a brewer that is child friendly, you will need a machine that is small and convenient. The B30 Mini is the smallest K Cup brewer. You can even carry it with you in your bag. Indeed, the B30 Mini is known as the single cup brewer.

There are so many great benefits to drinking coffee. Drinking coffee gives us immediate energy, great taste and peace of mind. By using the innovative K Cup coffee capsules, you can enjoy a great cup of brewed coffee and avoid the regular hassle of brewing, such as cleaning the filters and the mess that is created every time a coffee is made! If you think a K Cup coffee brewer is for you, they can be purchased easily in stores and online. Whatever machine you decide on, it is now so easy to get a K Cup brewer that best suits your tastes and needs.


K Cup Coffee Pods: a Quick and Economic Coffee Brewing Solution

Coffees that have lots of different flavors and extras are extremely popular. However, buying this type of drink at a cafe or restaurant is quite expensive. So, if you want a great coffee at a price that suits you, what should you do? Well, there is actually an easy way to make the same quality coffee in the comfort of your home, for the right price. The Keurig K Cup Coffee Pods are single, pre-measured coffee servings that are brewed effortlessly in a coffee maker and allow you to make a single cup of coffee at a time.

The Original Donut Shop Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods

If you wish to try different K Cup flavors but you don’t want to buy a big machine, smaller options are available. These brewers are convenient and perfect for people who are the only drinkers in the household. They are also very simple to maintain and usually take up little space within the kitchen.

On top of that, you can choose from various roasts that range from light to dark to decaffeinated. You can choose from lots of options and coffees that suit your taste. But what about people who don’t want to drink coffee? Various drinks including different hot chocolates and teas are also a great K Cup option. Herbal teas are particularly popular and have been proven to be beneficial for health and mind.

So, when you are looking to purchase capsules at the best price for you, they can easily be easily bought online or even at your local store. However, if convenience is your priority, buying online is a great option. So many coffee drinkers have chosen K Cups coffee pods, have you tried them yet? They are a great coffee brewing alternative that will save you money, so get yourself one now!


The Best K-Cups Storage Options

If you’re like me, and you love your single serve home coffee brewer, you’re likely familiar with this problem: namely, there are so many flavor options that storage has become an issue. It is a pain trying to sort through the different K-Cup we have bought!

Fortunately, there are some really cool choices for storing our favourite K-Cups. Let me show you.

First up is the K-cup storage basket, coming in at about $22.90. Manufactured by Green Mountain coffee, this K-Cup holder has two layers and really stores a lot of K-Cups. You can also see all of the options clearly. However, I think there is one disadvantage here: Some counter top space is required. The basket is not the best option if your kitchen is small.

The second alternative is my favourite. The Keuring K-cup Tower, just $2 more expensive than the basket, is pretty self-explanatory. Designed like a tower, it gives you a 360-degree view of your coffees. The tower can store as many as 30 K-cups, which really is very convenient. It is also definitely the best choice for saving kitchen counter space. The tower is very durable and long lasting, so you won’t need to replace it very often.

If you have more than 30 K-Cups, no big deal! You can go for the K-cup Tree: it can hold 35 K-Cups for you and allows you and your guests to easily find the flavor you want. It also costs $22.90 and takes up very little space.

If you are looking for something that can fit all types of kitchens, then choose the K-Cup Carousel. It is cheaper (about $19) and space saving. This product is also definitely worth trying out.


Why you Should Use My K cup Reusable Filter

The answer is you can make your own flavor coffee still with a Keurig K cup brewer, and produce less waste than the old plastic containers. Yes, i know that you want to know how, now, let me tell you in detail.

When you use My Cup reusable filter, you can choose from verious beans, you are not restricted to the k-cup collection of coffee, this really opens a new door, you can control the type of beans, amount you want to use, and the grind. If you are the one who have known very well what a traditional flavor that our traditional Keurig brewing system can provide, and you still have your own favrite falvor that can’t be found in the system, then by using my cup filter, you can make a truely custmized cup of coffee of your own taste. And when you have guest, you can proudly anounce to your visitor thay they can choose any flavor they want, you just can make it fot them, and that can be down in quite a short time.

Let’s move on to the environmental topic. As the filter is reusable, so it is a truely green solution comparing to the old plastic diaposable k-cups. The my cup filter is not messy paper filter that can produce biodegradable still waste with the ground, it is a real reuse, you just need to wash it with clean water, then it is ready for the next browing. It can even brew loose tea, this is really good in today’s economics.

You see, you really have to own this great filter, this is a no brain choice for you.


Keurig B70 Review – Platinum Single-Cup Home Brewing System

Keurig B70
My K-Cup Reusable Filter

Are you tired of waiting for 20 minutes every morning till your old coffee maker brews your cup of coffee? Have you realized that you are fed up with drinking stale reheated coffee brewed couple of hours ago? Do you want to save all that money you are literary throwing away when pouring half full pots of coffee down the drain at the end of the day?

If you kave answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you will clearly see the benefits that Keurig B70 – Platinum Single-Cup Home Brewing System can offer you.

What is Keurig B70


Keurig B70 Platinum Single-Cup Home Brewing System is

  • One-touch brewing for K-Cup coffee, tea or hot chocolate in under a minute
  • 1500 Watt Brewer
  • Quiet Brew™ technology
  • Brews up to 10 cups before refilling
  • 5 Brew sizes including Iced Beverage: Iced drink 3.25 oz., robust 5.25 oz., regular 7.25 oz., large 9.25 oz., and extra large 11.25 oz. for a travel mug or large coffee mug
  • Uses Patented K-Cups
  • 24-hour digital clock, programmable LCD message center
  • Program favorite brew size, clock, turn-on/off; user control over brew temperature
  • Blue light highlights water level – level always visible
  • Removable 60-ounce water tank and removable drip tray
  • Size: 13″H 10″W 13.25″D
  • Includes a 12 Variety Pack of K-Cups

Using Single-Cup Brewing System is so simple

Brewing coffee with B70 is incredibly simple process. Just pick the K-Cup with your favourite coffee, pop it in the single serve coffee maker and in 40 seconds you have a steaming cup of your favorite beverage.

And there is more – Keurig B70 is not just a coffee maker. It brews a fresh cup of coffee, or tea, or chocolate. And there is a variety of premium brands to choose from.

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How Keurig B70 1 cup coffee maker works?

What is the K-Cup?

k cups

Keurig 1 cup coffee maker uses unique patented type of coffee, tea and cocoa packaging. It is called K-Cups. A K-Cup is vacuum sealed container of coffee, tea or cocoa for single use. Substances in K-Cup are isolated from negative influence of air, moisture and light, so you can be sure that your brew will always be delicious.

The brewing process

After ensuring that the reservoir is full of fresh water and a mug is on the drip try, just put the K-Cup in machine, select the brew size and press the brew button. Then coffee machine punctures the K-Cup container with two needles and forces the hot water thru the K-Cup into your mug. And you are having your fresh cup of coffe in less than 60 seconds!

Tea, coffee and cocoa available in K-Cups

You can find almost 200 different varieties of K-Cup coffee, tea, and cocoa.

You can find coffee blend types like Dark, Light, Medium, Decaff, Half-caff etc.

Green Mountain Coffee and Timothy’s offers both tea and cocoa for your Keurig single serve coffee maker, alongside with numerous tea and coffee manufacturers.

Want to enjoy your own blend? Use a My K-Cup!

If you can not find a type of K-Cup-packaged beverage you like, or you simply love this special blend you bought in Costa Rica last summer, there is a solution for you – Keurig My K-Cup reusable coffee filter.

You can use this filter instead of pre-packaged K-Cups. Put up to two tablespoons of your ground coffee in this mesh metal filter, put it in your 1 cup coffee maker, and enjoy your gourmet coffee! After use remove and rinse the filter, and it is ready to use again.

Keurig B70 Coffee Brewing System review

Why Keurig B70 single serve coffee maker is different?

  • One machine brews it all – coffee, tea, and even hot cocoa
  • 4 brew size options – from 5.25-ounce cup 11.25-ounce large mug
  • Forget about cleaning up coffee grounds from the grinder every day. Never mess with grinding and measuring coffee and the wet filter
  • Set timer to power up the brewer right in time in the morning, so that you don’t have to wait for most delicious first morning cup of coffee
  • Set up the B70 to keep the water hot for the next cup instead of waiting until you fiddle with the machine
  • Preparing your coffe (or tea) can no be simpler than that – just open the lid, insert a K-Cup, close the lid, and select a cup size. Set the brew size and brew temperature. That’s all!

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