Hawaii Kona Coffee Beans – Some of the World’s most Attractive Coffee Beans

The world famous “Hawaii Kona Coffee Beans” come from some of the oldest Arabica coffee trees. They are among the finest coffee beans because of their delicious acidity and unique flavor – the flavor of Hawaii beaches, monsoons and volcanos. They are also physically perhaps the most beautiful coffee beans the world. Each bean is plump , shiny and perfectly uniform, with a impactful flavor and oily taste. These properties are attributed to the volcanic climate where the beans are grown.

Coffee made from Kona coffee beans tastes fresh, medium bodied and a little acidic, with a strong aroma and a long-lasting but pleasant aftertaste. Compared to other single origin coffees, the Kona coffee flavor is considered to be quite mild. Some people even say it is too mild, with a flavor profile that is too simple. However, if you are someone who gets in the coffee mood by experiencing the aroma of coffee before tasting, than Kona coffee is for you. Kona coffee is not as mellow as Indonesian coffee, not as strong as African coffee and not as robust as South America coffee. It tastes almost like Hawaiian sunshine: fresh and natural.

Hawaii is the only coffee growing U.S. state. Coffee is grown on the five major Hawaiian Islands. These are Oahu, Hawaii Island, Maui, Kauai, Lanai and the MaunaLoa Island. The coffee produced on each island has its own characteristics. For example, Kauai coffee is soft and smooth, MaunaLoa Island produces almost alcoholic tasting coffee with a low acidity, Maui coffee has the strongest flavor and a moderate acidity. Native Hawaiians are very proud of their one hundred percent Arabica coffee beans.

Hawaii Island is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, so called the Big Island (theBigIsland). Kona coffee is grown in the western and southern areas of Kona on the Big Island. On Hualalai, a volcano on Hawaii Island as well as on the island of MaunaLoa, coffee trees can be found on every hillside. The altitude there is between 150 meters and 750 meters, which is perfect for coffee growing.

As early as the 19th century, Kona coffee beans have been cultivated. Only coffee produced in Kona can be called the “Hawaiian Kona.” Kona coffee beans are often mixed with coffee beans produced in other parts of the world to produce a Kona coffee blend. However Kona beans usually only make up about 10% of these coffee blends. Therefore, unless you are living in Kona, Hawaii, it is very difficult to get pure Kona coffee beans.

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