A Comparison between Blade Grinders and Burr Grinders

Making a choice between a blade coffee grinder and a burr coffee grinder is not that hard, you just need to know the differences and what it is you’re looking for. For example, what type of brewer do you intend to use? A blade grinder is generally only suited to automatic-drip coffee makers whereas a burr grinder is better for espresso machines, French press or Turkish coffee brewing.

Let’s go into more detail.

Price is something you should consider when buying a grinder

Let’s be realistic; it may not be your first consideration, but the most important factor is going to be PRICE. Generally speaking, you can get a blade grinder for as little as $20, whereas you’ll have to pay at least $80 for a burr.

The flavor is the next factor to consider

When you brew your coffee, the extraction rate of the coffee grounds depends on the size of the granules. When the coffee granules are uniform in size, the extraction will be steady and uniform during the brewing process. A burr grinder produces a very uniform grind due to the space between the grinding surfaces. Coffee beans are fed between the burrs and crushed into uniform grind particles when one of the burrs rotates while the other is stationary.

blade grinder On the other hand, by chopping the beans, the blade grinder is unable to cut the beans into consistently sized pieces or grounds. The result will be relatively large grounds mixed with small grounds. When brewed, the bigger granules will under extract and the smaller granules will be over extracted, leading to bitterness in your coffee.

Besides, the blade also tends to burn the coffee grounds due to the high heat produced during the grinding process. This will also add to bitterness.

Counter space should also be considered

A burr grinder is much bigger than a blade, so assess your counter space when you make your choice. Generally a burr can be 14.6 x 9.6 x 7.8 inches and a blade measures 3.5 x 3 x 6.8 inches.

Grinding spices

If you want to grind spices, the blade grinder is your only choice. A burr grinder is not suitable for this task.

To sum up, if you are not a coffee addict, you want to grind your coffee beans (and sometimes spices) in a fast and easy way, and you want a grinder that is easy to clean, the blade coffee grinder will always be your best choice. If you really are a coffee lover and are looking for a developed coffee flavor, go for burr coffee grinder.

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