A Review of K-Cup Coffee Flavors

Timothy’s World Coffee

The breakfast blend from Timothy’s was the first breakfast blend I tried. It is quite smooth but I wouldn’t highly recommend it. I would suggest trying other breakfast blends on the market which seem better than this blend.

Caramel Vanilla Nut is the worst coffee I have ever tried. I couldn’t pick out any caramel or vanilla flavor. Don’t buy it.

Columbia Decaf is a blend I like to drink at times – it has a pleasant tasting profile.

I have tried two other Colombian coffees from Timothy’s, but they tasted completely different. The first was Colombia La Vereda. I like this one very much and have listed it on my favorites. It is medium roasted and has a very smooth mouthfeel. The other Colombian coffee I tried was the Colombian Dorado FT. This was a disaster – it had no identifiable flavor. Those Colombian beans were very poor.

Standard French Roast – a good tip is to add cream to this roast. The subtle sweet and smooth flavor is really enticing and I love drinking this coffee in this way.

Kona Blend – this blend is pretty nice choice if you are tired of your current morning blend and are looking for something a little different.

Italian Blend – this coffee isn’t special at all for me; I’m not a fan of it. I do like Italian coffee, but not this blend.

Midnight Magic Extra Bold – you can find this on my favorites list. Not bitter at all and very rich. You will love it.

Morning Blend – although it is too light for my taste, it is still good quality. Give it a try, but not in the morning.

Nicaraguan FTO EB – This coffee is medium roasted. I love the sweet but subtle mouthfeel.

Parisian Nights Extra Bold – If smokey coffee is what you like, this blend will be your favorite, as this blend really is dark, complex and smokey.

Private Blend – This coffee is a medium roast. Its fruity flavor was a surprise for me and I really love it. The only thing I don’t like about this coffee is the acidity which I only notice in the aftertaste when I have finished drinking my coffee.

Rainforest Expresso EB – this disappointed me. It didn’t hold up to their advertizing claims on their site and I won’t buy it again.

Another blend I don’t want to buy again is the San Lorenzo Dark blend: there are loads of better blends out there.

Spanish Sol – not a coffee flavor for daily consumption. With its spicy flavor it is a nice treat once in a while.

Sugar Bush Maple – when it is brewing, the aroma of this coffee is unbeatable. It is very nice I have to say. However, when you drink this coffee with cream the flavor is lost, which is not a good coffee quality for me. You may also want to try tasting this coffee after it has cooled a bit as the thick sweetness left in your mouth then is wonderful.

Sumatran Gold – I don’t recommend this one – I hate its woody taste. Even adding cream doesn’t do much to improve it.


Emeril’s Big is also on my favorites list. Some people say it smells like burning rubber but I haven’t found this to be the case. I think this is perhaps due to poor roasting. However, I love it and for me, the coffee is decent.

Emeril’s French Quarter Roast – pretty good although not as good as some other french roasts. This one is on my occasional order list.

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Blend – This is a good option for breakfast. There is little bitterness left in your mouth when you finish drinking.

Mahogany – this coffee is on my favorites list; it is an outstanding cup of coffee. I like the chocolate and sweet notes in this blend. It tastes really rich and smooth.

Coffee People

The best blend that I love from Coffee People is the Tree Hugger FTO which is a perfect medium roast and is not bitter at all, but rather balanced and smooth. Cream is a must for this blend as it brings a mouth sweetness after drinking. You will also experience some chocolatey notes.

The worst coffee, which I wouldn’t recommend at all, from Coffee People is Jet Fuel. Choose another dark roast instead of this one. The third Coffee People blend I tried was their Organic blend – pretty nice and smooth. Although not ideal for daily drinking, it is still a good blend.


Not the brand I usually buy, but I got a sample from a friend.

Second Cup

Paradiso Medium/Dark – If you want to fully enjoy this blend, cream is recommended. However, I experienced an unpleasant bite after drinking this coffee, which I didn’t enjoy.

Gloria Jeans 

I only tried 2 blends. Here they are.

Black Gold – do not expect cream to change the flavor; this is a very intense cup but all in all, still a good coffee.

The other coffee from Gloria Jeans was Hazelnut – far too weak to get my attention.

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