If you are ever in need of a 10-cup coffee brewer, you should consider the Bunn NHBX-B Contemporary brewer; especially for occasions like Christmas. This brewer is fast. It will brew plenty of cups quickly for all your family members.

When I say fast, I mean fast. 50-oz of coffee brews in just 3 minutes; that’s amazing. On top of that, the stainless steel tank keeps the water hot for whenever you need it. So how has Bunn delivered such a fast brewer?

Bunn nhbx-b

This is primarily achieved with two water tanks: one you fill, and the other is preheated. The water in the preheated water tank is delivered to the spray head and, because it is preheated, it doesn’t require any time to heat up. Another way that Bunn have achieved fast brewing is by increasing the amount of water that pours into the filter basket, which is a far greater compared to other coffee makers on the market.

If you are looking for a brewer that works perfectly and won’t just last for a six months or a year, but rather for five years at least, then you should choose this Bunn BHBX-B coffee brewer. Bunn builds coffee makers to last, unlike other coffee makers that usually wear out after a year or two. Virtually all programmable coffee makers seem to only last a short time. So, by buying a Bunn, you’ll save money on coffee makers.

If you still need to buy your friend a gift for Christmas, you really need to look no further. Of course, K-Cups are also always a fantastic gift option.

I forget to mention that there is a 3-year limited warranty, so buying this machine is risk free.