K Cup Coffee Review

The Current Most Popular K Cups Coffee Brands

With the world market being as big as it is, it is necessary to find K-Cup coffee brands that are the most trusted and popular because they have been tried and tested. If you are the owner of a Keurig coffee-maker, you can start looking for the kind of K-Cup coffee that you want to buy. Though most Keurig K-Cup brands are tasty, they are not created equal. There are definitely some brands that stand out from the crowd. So, if you want to know more about the best K-Cup coffee brands, keep reading!

  • Timothy’s World Coffee – This company has a collection of different coffee roasts as well as flavors, making it a preferred brand by consumers. With excellent blends that range all the way from light to dark and with various unique flavors, the consumer is left wanting more.
  • Green Mountain Coffee- Green Mountain has a wide assortment of Keurig K-Cup flavors and coffee roasts. Choosing from all the different options is a dream. On top of this, many of the different blends contribute to different charities. If you are just looking for classic flavors and roasts, Green Mountain Coffee also has you covered.
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffee- This could be the best product available, especially if you are looking for excellent flavors. They also proudly offer the Keurig K-Cup tea options. You can choose from the great tea flavors that obtained the maximum rating from all Keurig coffee manufacturers.
  • Newman’s Own- unlike the first two Keurig K Cup brands, there are just two types of K-Cup in the Newman’s Own range. These are the special blend and the decaffeinated version which are both excellent for consumers.
  • Diedrich Coffee Roasters- this manufacturer concentrates on the variety that they can offer their consumers instead of the quantity that they produce. They have created a variety of blends and roasts that cover all tastes and preferences for every coffee lover.

You can certainly find lots of K-Cup coffee brands on the market. The brands mentioned above are the highest quality K-Cup coffee manufacturers available today. So, all that is left is to choose the flavors and styles that best suit your preference!

K Cup Coffee Review

A Review of Coffee People Donut Shop K-Cups

Many of us have Keurig coffee brewers; it is very nice to enjoy a cup in the morning. However, there are so many K–Cup coffee brands out there it’s a little difficult for us to choose from them. So I decided to do some research and find out what others say about the K-Cups they buy.

If you are a medium roast lover, you maybe want to try Coffee People Donut Shop K-Cups. 50 packs are just $22. The coffee is good quality and at an affordable price. Let’s see what others say.

“Tastes just like the coffee you would get at the Donut Shop!”

“The Coffee People Donut Shop roast delivers taste and flavor without being too robust for my early morning taste buds. I love it.”

“I tried it because of the price, but will likely stick with it now for the taste.”

“This is one of our regular K-Cups that I keep ordering. It’s not too bold and it doesn’t leave any bitter taste in your mouth”

“This tastes like the coffee in the Greek diners in NYC. Yummy. I also love the hassle free packaging – no plastic shrink wrap or tape like the normal 2 box K-Cup packaging.”

“This particular blend is a favorite of all the Keurig users in our home…and we have tried a lot of different blends! The Keurig system is unsurpassed in its ease and quality and this coffee is simply outstanding. Mild and wonderful. If you have a Keurig machine and haven’t tried this coffee…..DO!!! And this price is unbeatable. Auto delivery for me!”

“This coffee is delicious. I don’t like coffee that is too strong, like Starbucks, and this is just right for the morning. I would highly recommend this!”

Ok, enough flavor reviews. There is one problem and one note for the Coffee People Donut Shop K-Cups (50 pack). Both were discovered by consumers who also provided solutions.

Here is the problem: “These K-cups come too full and they tend to not brew properly. You can always tell when you got a bad cup because the grounds are so packed in the cup that the water doesn’t come out completely, and your cup of coffee will have less liquid than you are used to. Sure enough, when you go to lift the K-cup out of the Keurig for disposal, you will find it is very heavy compared to others. We also know this is a problem with Coffee People Donut Shop K-Cups only, because my husband drinks a different brand and never has this problem.

It doesn’t happen all the time, and I have found if I shake the K-Cup before putting it in the Keurig it happens less frequently, but it still happens.

I’ve tried ordering from Coffee People multiple times to see if it was a one time manufacturing glitch, but it appears every time I buy a box of their K-cups. I have a problem with 10-15% of them.

Fortunately, another brand is offering a donut shop coffee which I tried with this last order and I find it just as pleasing.”

The note is: “The description of this coffee uses the words “Medium Extra Bold” in its packaging as opposed to the two 24 box version, which led me to think there was now two DIFFERENT varieties of this Donut Shop coffee….so I ordered both, (wanted 98/100 anyway) but it turns out that both were the same. Amazon should correct that description and take out ‘Extra Bold’ so they match each other.”

Ok, so in one word, Coffee People Donut Shop K-Cups are mild, not bitter. If you like this type of flavor, I recommend this product. Once again, it is cheap and high quality; just be aware of the problem and the note.

Where to buy

As always, you can only find such a low price on Amazon. Personally, I always like shopping on Amazon for the price and quality. Here is the link to Buy It on Amazon.

The World Of Coffee Brewing

Choose K Cup Coffee and Enjoy Your Life

Every body loves to drink coffee each time they wake up. It is one of the things that make them feel fresh everyday. However, it is quite overwhelming that every time you drink coffee, you need to clean up or buy new filters and worried about breaking coffee pots. So, what will be the perfect solution for this thing?

Well, with the technological advancement, people can easily make their coffee, and it is called K Cup Coffee. This thing is an easy to clean one, as you only need to remove the plastic cups from the machine and throw it away. Other benefits that you can get when you use K-Cups is that, there is no beans that needs for grinding and the K-cup container is tightly closed, thus the coffee is fresh every time you want to drink.

More and more people settled down in using K-Cups and the need for the traditional ones start to become superseded. Recently, one of the major producers of K-cups increased their production with over 40%. The CEO of the Diedrich Coffee, J. Russell Phillips supposed that they will add the packaging of K-Cup to deal with the anticipated increase when it comes into the demands. Apart from that, the market of K-cup persist to cultivate and Mr. Phillips propose to stay with the probable demands, since the consumers decided to move into the “Keurig brewers”, most especially the demands at the at ease market.

Conversely, you need to purchase your own Keurig brewer and K-Cup. The brewer will cost for about $120.00 and the 24- pack box of the K-cups will be only about $11.00. Therefore, instead of going out drinking some expensive coffee at some coffee restaurants, having the brewer and K-Cups will be great for you to taste your favorite coffee right at the 4 corners of your home. Eventually, you will notice the significance of the savings as well as the experience of having fresh coffee in the price that suits you best.

By using the K Cup Coffee, you will definitely have a great experience every time you take it. So, if you want to have your K-Cups as well as Keurig brewer in the most possible time, online stores are great for doing such. Simply make your research now, purchase online, get the supplies earlier and have a great fresh coffee experience each and every time you wake up.


K Cups Coffee Brands That are Most Popular Now

With the huge market that the world has, it is necessary to find out k cup coffee brands that are most popular now because they are trusted. If you are one of the owners of the Keurig coffee-maker, you can start your search about the kind of K-Cup coffee that you will get. Since most brands of Keurig K cups-coffee are tasty, they are still created unequally. Certainly, there are some brands, which have gained the respect to be the best among the others. So, if you want to know more about the brands of K cup coffee, here are the following samples:

  • Timothy’s World Coffee – it has a different collection of coffee roasts as well as flavors and most of the consumers prefer such. It has excellent blends that conceal the extent from light to dark, and have various unique flavors that a consumer will want to have more.
  • Green Mountain Coffee- Green Mountain has the wide assortment of various flavors and roasts of the Keurig K Cups. You can actually choose from the lots of options that it has. Apart from those, you can get more from the different blends that are tied up with the charitable efforts. If you also want the classic flavors and roast, you can get it with the Green Mountain Coffee.
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffee- it could be the best product that you can choose from, most especially if you are looking for excellent flavors. They are also proud to represent the brand of Keurig K Cups associated with tea. You can even choose from the great tea flavors that obtain the maximum rating from the other Keurig coffee maker that are available.
  • Newman’s Own- unlike with the first two kinds of Keurig K Cups, the Newman’s Own is only fixed with two kinds. They have the special blend and the decaffeinated version that are both excellent for the consumers.
  • Diedrich Coffee Roasters- this manufacturer concentrates on the varieties that they could offer for their consumers instead of the quantity that they produce. They actually created a variety of blends as well as the roasts that cover up the scale of the coffee lovers.

You could certainly find lots of k cup coffee brands into the marketplace. Those bands being mentioned above are the most excellent K cups coffee makers that are available today. So, simply get the flavors as well as the styles that suit best your preference.