The World Of Coffee Brewing

Brewing with the Moka Coffee Pot

Today I had the idea of trying the Moka coffee pot as I have never tried it out before. Here is the pot I bought.

3-moka pot

The beans I used are moka beans, ground fine but not as fine as espresso. I use a mill to grind the beans.


The Moka pot looks interesting. The pot I bought is very thick – good for any heat source.

4-moka pot
5-moka pot

I filled the water up to the line. I used pre-heated water, and it started to brew on the stove after 2 minutes. I added some hot milk, I didn’t measure how much, and some sugar.

The coffee tastes quite smooth, not bitter with a nice acidic balance, which is perfect for people like me who don’t like thick coffee. However, I really didn’t like grinding my coffee with the mill; it is too difficult to clean.

5-blade grinder

Having said that, for a good cup of coffee it’s worth it!