The World Of Coffee Brewing

Brewing with the Moka Coffee Pot

Today I had the idea of trying the Moka coffee pot as I have never tried it out before.

To summarize the experience: “Coffee was not bad at all, I would dare to say it was really good, but the overall experience was not that great because of the work involved.” Not quite the convenience mind set we love with our Keurig machines.

Moka pot on gas stove

The beans I used were a moka blend, finely ground. I used a mill to grind the beans. Note the grind size variation below. This was just for fun, and it is just to show a wide range of grind sizes. For a Moka pot, in fact, we would grind finer than the finest size in the picture below.

coffee of various grind sizes

The Moka pot looks interesting. The pot I bought is very thick – good for any heat source. I paired it with a coffee cup set to match the color, and I am very pleased with the aesthetics of it.

Brown Moka pot and coffee cup

The Moka pot below is one of the best on the market, it is a Bialetti Moka Express, and this model is renowned in the entire world. However, my preference was a model that had some personality and a bit of color.

Here is how brewing a Moka pot coffee looks like. You wouldn’t open the lid, normally, but here is just so you can see the coffee brewing.

I got the recipe from this Moka pot brewing guide. The author seems to understand the process very well, and it seemed one of the best recipes I have read.

I filled the water up to the line. I used pre-heated water, and it started to brew on the stove after 2 minutes. I then added some hot milk and sugar.

The coffee tastes quite smooth – not too bitter with a nice balance of acidity, which is perfect for people like me who don’t like strong coffee. However, I really didn’t like grinding my coffee with the mill; it is too difficult to clean. So I recommend using a blade grinder if you need a little more convenience.

Blade Coffee Grinder

Having said that, for a good cup of coffee it’s worth it! If you are interested in more brewing techniques, check out my French Press Brew guide.

The World Of Coffee Brewing

Espresso K-Cups I use

As a coffee lover, I know that espresso is what we are really looking for. Yep I know there are many people who like cappuccino; sorry you guys I only collected espresso K-Cups!

1.  Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso

This blend is strong, thick and sweet, with no bitter flavor at all. It sells at $16.49 per 24 cups on their own site As always, you can buy cheaper on where you can get a two pack of the blend for $29.95.

It is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified.

If you need a nice cup of wake-up coffee, this is blend is a great choice. Timothy’s offer decaf and extra bold versions as well.

2. Green Mountain Dark Magic® Extra Bold

This is a very popular blend. It offers you the rich aromatics and flavor qualities of espresso and tastes as delicious as a drip coffee as well. If you add milk and cream, you will get a delicious, different and surprising taste profile. If you like “bold” coffee, this is for you.

You can find several different options on such as a 2 pack, 3 pack or 6 pack of this blend. A decaf version is available too. Just search “Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic” on and you will find what you need.

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The World Of Coffee Brewing

Choose K-Cup Coffee and Enjoy Your Life

Everybody loves to drink coffee when they wake up. It is one of the things that makes us feel fresh everyday. However, the idea that every time you drink coffee you need to clean up or buy new filters, not to mention the worry about breaking coffee pots is quite overwhelming. So, is there a solution to these problems?

Well, with the advancement of technology, people can now easily make their coffee without having to worry about anything at all. That is because of K-Cup Coffee. K-Cups are so easy to clean. All you need to do is remove the plastic cup from the machine and throw it away. Other benefits of using K-Cups include the fact that there is no coffee grinding necessary, along with the tightly sealed K-cup container, which keeps the coffee perfectly fresh for whenever you fancy a cup.

More and more people are switching over to K-Cups and the need for traditionally brewed coffee is decreasing all the time. Recently, a major producer of K-cups increased their turnover by over 40%. The CEO of Diedrich Coffee, J. Russell Phillips predicted that they will improve K-Cup packaging to deal with the anticipated increase. Either way, the K-Cup market continues to grow and Mr. Phillips’ needs to keep up with demand as consumers decide to change to “Keurig brewers”, especially those most interested in convenience.

In order to brew K-Cup coffee you will need to purchase your own Keurig brewer and K-Cup. The brewer costs around $120.00 and the 24- pack box of the K-cups goes for just $11.00. Having a Keurig brewer and K-Cups will allow you to experience your favorite coffee anywhere within the comfort of your home, instead of having to go out and buy an expensive coffee at a cafe. You will soon notice the significant amount of money you save, as well as the experience of having fresh coffee for a price that suits you.

By using K Cups, you will have a great experience guaranteed every time you make a coffee. If you want to get your K-Cups and Keurig brewer in the best possible time, online stores are the best way to go. Simply browse and purchase online to get K-Cups delivered quicker to your door so that you can start having a great, fresh coffee experience each and every time you wake up.

The World Of Coffee Brewing

Where to find K-Cups online, at the right price

Are you looking to purchase K-Cups so that you can make coffee with your new K-Cups brewer, but you don’t know where to buy affordable K-Cups? If you compare products sold in brick and mortar stores to online K-Cup options, you will notice a big difference when it comes to price. However, there are so many options online, it is difficult to know where to look. If you have decided to purchase your K-Cups online, how can you find the right K-Cups for you? Here are some suggestions:


1. At you can get 5% off with the Coupon Code: CFLESS. This online store stocks many flavors.

2. sells the Coffee People K-Cups 50 pack for only $27.75. With 800+ reviews of this product, you can be sure of its quality.

3.  On you can find some good flavor blends a a great price: only $12.99 for a pack of 24.

On top of these recommendations, here are some tips that could help you to save some money while buying the cups that you need:

Online Coupons

You might notice that there are lots of stores and other businesses that offers discount coupons. The same is true when purchasing products online. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying K-Cups online, it is likely that you can get them cheaper than in traditional stores. Simply search the net for K-Cup coffee coupons. There are lots of online coupons out there. There are actually lots of websites that provide discount coupons for any product, so you can simply find one of these sites that offers discounts on your K Cups. 

MY K Cup

If you want to be clear and specific when choosing the right K-Cup for you, purchasing the MY K-Cup is one of the best options for a cost and environmentally effective K-Cup, rather than having to print or cut out coupons. My K-Cup is actually a re-usable cup, so there is no need for you to worry about disposal. By nature, disposable cups will not be as cost effective as reusable cups. Therefore, choosing My K Cup is the right choice if you are on a budget. Price aside, My K-Cup is of excellent quality and is easy to use .

So there you have it. There are actually lots of ways to get K-Cups at the most affordable price. There are several methods that you can implement when searching for the most cost effective cups, both online and in your local stores. You don’t have to travel far and wide and there is no need for you to purchase expensive cups; it is possible to find excellent, affordable cups that will work for you over a long period of time. Now you can experience aromatic and perfectly roasted K-Cup coffee each and every morning when you wake up.

The World Of Coffee Brewing

A Review of K-Cup Coffee Flavors

Timothy’s World Coffee

The breakfast blend from Timothy’s was the first breakfast blend I tried. It is quite smooth but I wouldn’t highly recommend it. I would suggest trying other breakfast blends on the market which seem better than this blend.

Caramel Vanilla Nut is the worst coffee I have ever tried. I couldn’t pick out any caramel or vanilla flavor. Don’t buy it.

Columbia Decaf is a blend I like to drink at times – it has a pleasant tasting profile.

I have tried two other Colombian coffees from Timothy’s, but they tasted completely different. The first was Colombia La Vereda. I like this one very much and have listed it on my favorites. It is medium roasted and has a very smooth mouthfeel. The other Colombian coffee I tried was the Colombian Dorado FT. This was a disaster – it had no identifiable flavor. Those Colombian beans were very poor.

Standard French Roast – a good tip is to add cream to this roast. The subtle sweet and smooth flavor is really enticing and I love drinking this coffee in this way.

Kona Blend – this blend is pretty nice choice if you are tired of your current morning blend and are looking for something a little different.

Italian Blend – this coffee isn’t special at all for me; I’m not a fan of it. I do like Italian coffee, but not this blend.

Midnight Magic Extra Bold – you can find this on my favorites list. Not bitter at all and very rich. You will love it.

Morning Blend – although it is too light for my taste, it is still good quality. Give it a try, but not in the morning.

Nicaraguan FTO EB – This coffee is medium roasted. I love the sweet but subtle mouthfeel.

Parisian Nights Extra Bold – If smokey coffee is what you like, this blend will be your favorite, as this blend really is dark, complex and smokey.

Private Blend – This coffee is a medium roast. Its fruity flavor was a surprise for me and I really love it. The only thing I don’t like about this coffee is the acidity which I only notice in the aftertaste when I have finished drinking my coffee.

Rainforest Expresso EB – this disappointed me. It didn’t hold up to their advertizing claims on their site and I won’t buy it again.

Another blend I don’t want to buy again is the San Lorenzo Dark blend: there are loads of better blends out there.

Spanish Sol – not a coffee flavor for daily consumption. With its spicy flavor it is a nice treat once in a while.

Sugar Bush Maple – when it is brewing, the aroma of this coffee is unbeatable. It is very nice I have to say. However, when you drink this coffee with cream the flavor is lost, which is not a good coffee quality for me. You may also want to try tasting this coffee after it has cooled a bit as the thick sweetness left in your mouth then is wonderful.

Sumatran Gold – I don’t recommend this one – I hate its woody taste. Even adding cream doesn’t do much to improve it.


Emeril’s Big is also on my favorites list. Some people say it smells like burning rubber but I haven’t found this to be the case. I think this is perhaps due to poor roasting. However, I love it and for me, the coffee is decent.

Emeril’s French Quarter Roast – pretty good although not as good as some other french roasts. This one is on my occasional order list.

Caribou Coffee

Caribou Blend – This is a good option for breakfast. There is little bitterness left in your mouth when you finish drinking.

Mahogany – this coffee is on my favorites list; it is an outstanding cup of coffee. I like the chocolate and sweet notes in this blend. It tastes really rich and smooth.

Coffee People

The best blend that I love from Coffee People is the Tree Hugger FTO which is a perfect medium roast and is not bitter at all, but rather balanced and smooth. Cream is a must for this blend as it brings a mouth sweetness after drinking. You will also experience some chocolatey notes.

The worst coffee, which I wouldn’t recommend at all, from Coffee People is Jet Fuel. Choose another dark roast instead of this one. The third Coffee People blend I tried was their Organic blend – pretty nice and smooth. Although not ideal for daily drinking, it is still a good blend.


Not the brand I usually buy, but I got a sample from a friend.

Second Cup

Paradiso Medium/Dark – If you want to fully enjoy this blend, cream is recommended. However, I experienced an unpleasant bite after drinking this coffee, which I didn’t enjoy.

Gloria Jeans 

I only tried 2 blends. Here they are.

Black Gold – do not expect cream to change the flavor; this is a very intense cup but all in all, still a good coffee.

The other coffee from Gloria Jeans was Hazelnut – far too weak to get my attention.

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